"A vision of the possible manifested in our midst, a dream was embodied in the people, tangible and vital." Procter & Gamble

"I haven’t experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of our summits." IBM

"You rank number one in my experience - I am honored to be a reference." Citigroup

"We rediscovered those champion genes flowing in our blood." BP

"we were transported into your experiences, into your awakening, conquered, inspired and enriched." Nokia

"You got us all spellbound, the teachings and insights from your story will stay with us forever." INDOLA

"Yossi, you paint with words." AIG

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Motivational Speaker

A Motivational Speaker of Extraordinary Inspiration

Good motivational speakers have led an extraordinary life or, at one time or another, found themselves learning vital lessons from extraordinary circumstances. They have had to call on reserves of courage, determination and self-belief in order to succeed and sometimes to simply survive. This much they have in common.

But for a motivational speaker to go from good to truly great, for a speaker to be able to offer their audience an extraordinary experience, they must have the ability to dissect their life lessons and translate the knowledge into an entertaining and touching keynote that is relevant and accessible to a modern business audience.

This is where Yossi is extraordinary.

His experiences of a fight for survival are astonishing, but more amazing is his storytelling ability. Practical messages such as self belief, finding the strength to face unforeseen challenges and innovating to stay ahead of the pack are seamlessly interwoven into his stories. Yossi’s stories capture audience attention and deliver powerful and often hidden learnings.

Yossi has been booked by many of the world’s leading businesses and has shared the stage with speakers such as Bill Clinton and Richard Branson. Such jobs have come his way because of his gift for motivational storytelling.

Audience members say Yossi leaves them with a lasting sense of being able to overcome any challenge and achieve anything they want. Isn't that the point of booking a motivational speaker?

So remove the element of chance when it comes to booking a keynote speaker. In Yossi’s hands you know your audience will be entertained whilst receiving a lasting inspirational message of meaning.