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About Yossi

Adventerur Author Entrepreneur Humanitarian
A true Earthling, Yossi travels the planet for business, community work and personal explorations. He is a cross-pollinator of paradigm shifting ideas, his keynotes inspire and transform the world’s leading corporations and organizations.

Yossi is a multi-faceted person with accomplishments in diverse spheres. An international businessmen, a best selling author, a daring adventurer.
Yossi is the founder and architect of a number of innovative creative projects such as the acclaimed Ecolodge, Chalalan.
Blinq, a social mobile application he has developed between Tel Aviv, Ramallah and Silicon Valley.
Yossi is active as a spokesmen for Indigenous people and the defence of the Amazon jungle. He is an ambassador for Shalva.org for children with special needs and as a speaker he always volunteers for the community.



As a sought-after speaker, Yossi’s clients include some of the world’s leading companies and organizations, such as Citibank and Singularity University.

He shared the stage with world leaders such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Nassim Taleb, Wayne Dyer and many other luminaries.
Yossi delivered hundreds of Keynotes around the world to leading companies cross industry, and he’s managed professionally in four continents. And, trusted and endorsed by the world’s leading corporations.

Producer / Author.


Yossi’s book ‘Jungle,’ is published in over 20 languages and distributed worldwide with millions of copies sold. Published by Random House, Pan Macmillan, National Geographic, Penguin, Summersdale and Skyhorse amongst others and critically reviewed and acclaimed by the LA Times, The Washington Post, CNN and may others.The book’s adaptation was one of the core episodes for a Discovery Channel acclaimed series “I shouldn’t Be Alive”. And in April 2017 a motion picture based on ‘Jungle’ premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Yossi.


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Explorer / Adventurer.


His passion for meeting cultures living off the grid, drove him to the Beduins deserts of Sinai where he lived for three years. He visited the Sahara seven times and counting. He was the first visitor to arrive in the remote Carteret Group Island of the shores of Papua New Guinea and was adopted by the community, these islands, tragically have succumbed now to rising sea level and disappeared.
He was the first visitor to arrive in the remote Catret Group Island where he celebrated with his fiance the millennium new year’s eve. These disappearing islands. The people of these 6 small paradise islands were the happiest and most hospitable people he ever met. Few years later these islands succumbed to the rising sea level and disappeared and the entire population move to the big island Buka.

In 2016 Yossi initiated a new tradition, once a year Yossi takes on a group of travelers on a real life changing adventure. The first expedition in Bolivia started at the high Andes descending to the Amazon on a rarely traveled dirt road. Followed by days in Canoes and rafts through the Amazon up the Madidi valley where Chalalan the resort Yossi has built with the Uchupiamonas in 1995.

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Grassroots Activism.


In 2001, in the midst of the raging Intifada, Yossi returned to Israel to produce a ‘Woodstock’ style Reconciliation Festival under the slogan – Let Love Win. Twenty-Five thousand people gathered for four days to give peace a chance. The Sahntipi Festival has changed the consciousness of a generation.


Community work.


As a speaker Yossi insists on a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal. Whenever he is invited to speak, he asks his client to volunteer him to the community for any worthy cause. From India, to Switzerland, San Salvador, or Israel Yossi speaks to youth, to elderly, to children with special needs, to schools.
He is officially appointed as the ambassador of the uchupiamonas of the Amazon. Voicing their call to protect their ancestral lands from the threats of a electric plant that threatens to flood a large part of the Madidi Valley and threaten their livelihood.
The Uchupiamonas are the people that helped saving Yossi in his original ordeal. It is with them that he has envisioned and built Chalalan.
An ambassador for Shalva an organization that helps children on the spectrum of mental retardation and their families. Yossi’s 10 years daughter Nissim is a rare syndrome child with mild mental retardation, however Shalva invited him not knowing he himself was a father to a special child. It was destiny calling and Yossi now is an ambassador for Shalva.

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Tech Entrepreneur

Following a vision, Yossi followed his passion and became a tech entrepreneur. Together with a poster boy of startup nation, Gal Bracha, they first built Headbox the one app to rule them all. A concept they defined as ‘person centric mobile agnostic’.
They drove to Ramallah as an act of civil disobedience and engaged a Palestinian software company to partner with them in developing the app. In 2014 they received investment and 5 months acceleration from the prestigious 500Startups. While in Silicon Valley they pivoted to create Blinq.




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